Over the next few months, there are a lot of great things in store for you. Check out our day retreats, small group retreat feel without the night away, overnighters with the full retreat experience, online events, and more. Join us in our Facebook group to stay connected.

March 2018

Join us St. Patrick’s Day for a day of celebrating you!

Here’s a link to learn more!

April 2018

This Mother-Daughter overnight retreat featuring Lydia Taggart, Language Layers, is designed to fortify the bond between you and your daughter. Designed for young ladies 12 and older. Here’s a link to learn more!


Other events in the plans:

Wake Up and Bond with your sons!

Wake Up and Live Your Purpose!

Wake Up and Write! Calling all writers! Do you have a book in you? Are you writing your own web copy? Are you an aspiring blogger? Or maybe you are just looking at writing to heal. Join us as we learn how to write from the soul with plenty of actual writing time to practice.

Wake Up & Go Back to School! A fabulous day event geared for teens and young adults of all ages going back to school.


Do you have a message to share? Contact us to discuss presenting possibilities.


About Us


Soul Shine Live gives you a chance to live from the soul. We teach from the soul, we write from the soul, and we live from the soul. We want you to do that too. You’ll find opportunities to unlock your souls potential, learn from some of the most amazing soul inspired people, and maybe even share your own message.

Some of the amazing ways we show up for you is through awesome events. You’ll find day events, day retreats, true getaway overnight retreats, and a variety of online content. Join us in our facebook group to stay really connected to this soul living community. You can also work one-on-one with Michele in her mentor, coaching, and healing sessions.

So, just who is the soul behind Soul Shine Live? 

Meet Michele.

Michele considers herself to be the master creator of her business. She works closely with her soul and her higher powers to create her dreams. It hasn’t always been the case.

Just like you, Michele has a story. Her soul felt wounded as it entered this world. The experience of adjusting to this body was a little different than expected and like you, she created some beliefs about herself. Those beliefs and experiences layered upon each other until she was so convinced she was broken that she was living a broken life.

She was able to get out of that pit of despair. She pulled out of depression on the threads of hope given to her in energy work. She searched and searched for answers and solutions. She craved to know her soul purpose until one day it finally clicked that she didn’t have to search anymore. Just do it!

Now that her soul spends more time living than sleeping, she wants to wake up as many souls as she can. She wants you to know the joy she feels. She wants you to feel the peace and light. It’s so true that this life was meant to be enjoyed! Joy and fulfillment come from shining. Freedom and love come from shining. It’s time to shine!

Michele takes her soul light into other areas of life. She’s got a wonderful book available under the pen name Mikki Ann. She loves music and you can find her singing and dancing daily, with an occasional piano piece thrown in. She loves her church and the opportunity she has to shine at church. but the most important to her is family.

Michele is a mother of 6. Her oldest son has married the most adorable daughter-in-love in the world. She’s so excited to be welcoming a grandbaby to the world in July of 2018. She’s sporting two children in junior high, aka awesome teens, and three that are currently homeschooling.  Michele is also expecting any day to find an incredible man that she can be a dream come true for.