Over the next few months, there are a lot of great things in store for you. Check out our day retreats, small group retreat feel without the night away, quarterly overnighters with the full retreat experience, online events, and more.

March 2018

Join Heart-n-Spirit in welcoming Daryl Shaun Price, The Power of YOU, as keynote speaker in this fabulous day retreat to inspire you to be the real you. Here’s a link to learn more!

April 2018

This Mother-Daughter overnight retreat featuring Lydia Taggart, Language Layers, is designed to fortify the bond between you and your daughter. Designed for young ladies 12 and older. Here’s a link to learn more!

May 2018

Wake Up & Live! Details coming soon.

June 2018

Mother-Son Day Retreat. Details coming soon.

July 2018

Wake Up and Write! Three-day retreat, details coming soon.

Calling all writers! Do you have a book in you? Are you writing your own web copy? Are you an aspiring blogger? Or maybe you are just looking at writing to heal, what we normally call journaling. Join us as we learn how to write from the soul with plenty of actual writing time to practice.

August 2018

Wake Up & Go Back to School! A fabulous day event geared for teens and young adults of all ages going back to school. Details coming soon.

October 2018

Our second annual women’s retreat is on its way.

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About Us

Michele Lewis is the Heart & Spirit behind these incredible retreats. With day retreats and overnight retreats, she’s fulfilling her passion to connect you with a variety of inspiring information and incredible people, including your own true self, so that you can live your purpose.

Michele is a mother, author, inspirational speaker, and more. Michele’s life purpose is to inspire you to release heavy burdens and shine bright, knowing who you are. As a unique soul, she has struggled to find her own place in this world. Often, she wondered if she even belonged at all. She found herself thinking that maybe God had made a mistake.

As Michele accepted different aspects of who she is, she was able to see her unique purpose in this life. She saw that she truly is the perfect mom for her six children. She saw that she has a message that only she can offer because only she’s had her exact life training.

Michele woke up, she pulled on her inner knowing; stepped onto the stage of life and now, she’s shining bright!