The World Needs You

Dear guests, future guests, and fabulous presenters,

As I have pondered my message to you, I asked a question that turned my heart to focus on you in a way I have never done before. What does my tribe need to hear from me?

I wish I could instill in you a concept. One that I have only barely come to understand is true. You belong. You are the exact perfect piece needed for the puzzle of life. No other puzzle piece fits in your place.

I know that’s hard to believe. You want to believe it. You’ve heard it before and you want so badly to know that you belong. You want to know that the call to fulfill a purpose is real and not just some silly dream so you have a place in this game we call life. You want to know what it feels like to be included. You want to share your message but you don’t even believe that anyone wants to hear it.

You have a message. I know you do. Every person on the planet has a message. They don’t all get the call to write a book or stand up and speak. They don’t all get a call to share their message publicly, but they all have a message.

For some, it’s the quiet unassuming way they raise their family or show up for their community. Maybe they share their message in that loaf of bread or casserole they took to the neighbor. Maybe it’s simply the smile they give at the grocery store.

Our message isn’t about what we say. It’s about what we exude. You’ve been exuding your message for most if not all of your life. You have a superpower that is unique to you. Not that no one else has a superpower by that name, but rather that only you have your unique flavor. Only you had your life lesson.

With this deep need to belong, I have become very inviting. Even as a child I noticed the ones that were on the outside and didn’t have friends. I took them in and did my child best to make them feel included because that is what I wanted to feel.

Our deepest wounds create our greatest messages. This world NEEDS your message. This world needs YOU!

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