Wake Up & Be You

March 17, 2018!

in Layton in Utah!

JoLyn Holladay

Positive Energy Propelled!

This message will teach you how to add MORE POSITIVE ENERGY into life and how to use that POWER in every role that you play (like self, parent, & business). Learn how to recognize when you start to feel negative, ask for help from your Higher Power, and choose to switch, especially as you apply love and gratitude. Positive side effects besides MORE POWER & POSITIVITY are MORE PEACE, ENERGY (even physically), PRODUCTIVITY, & EVEN MORE PROSPERITY (even financially)! Positive Energy Propelled!

JoLyn Holladay is a Mentor, Messenger, and owner of Essential Answers LLC and Above and BeYond Mentoring. She also has a website essentialanswers.me Read more   

JoLyn’s big world why she does what she does is to help people raise their Hope, Happiness, & Positive Energy

She just finished her first book called “Encircled in Love in the Midst of Loss.” This is her family’s personal story dealing with cancer and death of husband and father. However, it is not a book about loss; it’s a book about LOVE!

Her favorite thing to do as a Mentor is to help people define what they want, declare and Go there! Whether this is improving a relationship, becoming something new (such as a teacher), learning a new skill, getting a new bedroom set, or manifesting a special vacation for the family, this is her passion and specialty!

Her catchphrase is DREAM! DECLARE! GO THERE and her followers are referred to as Dream Believers! JoLyn is the creator of Food for Thought TM, where guests enjoy a delicious dinner, musical entertainment, and a motivational message. Her favorite message to share is the Six Secrets her family used to make a crazy dream come true because she knows others can use them to achieve their dreams too! She is also the creator of the very popular Vision Board Bootcamp TM. Her favorite mentoring package that she offers is the Dream Quest TM package where she and her client focus on achieving 3 dreams in 3 months!!!

On a personal level: She is married with seven children, 5 from her late husband, and even two young children (just 5 & 7) with her second husband. She also has 3 cute grandkids. She enjoys spontaneous fun, lunch out with friends, cooking for her family, especially to gather the older ones home, cuddling the little kiddos, MUSIC, self- improvement, reading at night when everyone is asleep, watching “Feel Good Movies,” working toward a dream (especially a trip), lifting others and giving them hope. She loves ALL KINDS OF CHOCOLATE; especially peanut butter, mint, and dark chocolate!

Michele Lewis

Wake Up & Live!

Stop sleep walking through life. You came here for a reason. You had experiences you wanted to experience and now it’s time to fully step into them. It’s time to choose to be you and live!

You’ll learn some powerful time management tricks. My favorite way to get answers to every question with ease. How I created a powerful and joy filled life. Even how I started doing my life’s work and living my purpose. You can do it too!

Michele Lewis is the Heart & Spirit behind these incredible retreats. With day retreats and overnight retreats, she’s fulfilling her passion to connect you with a variety of inspiring information and incredible people, including your own true self, so that you can live your purpose. Read more   

Michele is a mother, author, inspirational speaker, and more. Michele’s life purpose is to inspire you to release heavy burdens and shine bright, knowing who you are. As a unique soul, she has struggled to find her own place in this world. Often, she wondered if she even belonged at all. She found herself thinking that maybe God had made a mistake.

As Michele accepted different aspects of who she is, she was able to see her unique purpose in this life. She saw that she truly is the perfect mom for her six children. She saw that she has a message that only she can offer because only she’s had her exact life training.

Michele woke up, she pulled on her inner knowing; stepped onto the stage of life and now, she’s shining bright!